What other traditional Indian clothes are there other than sarees?

Well it is true that sarees are the most recognisable examples of ethnic Indian wear, but they are far from being the only one. For this answer we have split the garments up into womenswear and menswear.



Lehenga refers to a long, embroidered and pleated Indian skirt. It is worn as the bottom half of the Langa Voni or Gagra Choli. The lehenga is secured at the waist and leaves the lower back and midriff bare. Gota Patti embroidery is one of the most popular types of embroidery and is often used on lehengas worn at weddings and festivals. There are however many different forms of embroidery which can be found on a lehenga instead of or as well as Gota Patti.


Anarkali is a type of women’s dress. It consists of a long top, a slim fitted bottom and is extremely elegant. The anarkali varies in length and embroidery style. The Anarkali gets its name from a fictionalised courtesan who was allegedly murdered for her illicit relationship with the crown Prince Salim, who was later known as Emperor Jahangir.



A Sherwani is a long Jacket that falls to the knee. It is normally worn over a Kurta and is paired with either Salwar pants or Chridar. Sherwanis are typically worn for weddings or special occasions.


A Kurta is a loose shirt that has long sleeves and a buttoned placket. The Kurts normally falls to the wearers knees. The Kurta can be worn as formal or casual attire so is adjusted accordingly. Kurtas are either made from silk, brocade and cotton, with embroidery.

The Bandhgala

The Bandhgala is a type of men’s clothing which is made up of a large pant leg which is wide at the beginning and finite squeezed at the ankles, and a jacket with a kind of Mao collar. This suit is generally accompanied with a shirt and traditional Indian’s shoes. It can be worn for formal evening events because it look like a military uniform.

The Salwar Kameez

This item of clothing is a woman’s tunic which is made up of a long tunic generally decorated with stones and pearls, a pair of pants and a scarf called a dupatta. This is a very colourful type of clothing as are many Indian clothes because it’s an important part of the culture. The salwar can be a casual attire or it can be worn more formally to a wedding or special event if it is made from silk and heavily embellished.

The Saree

There is a lot of saree’s type, but all are composed of the same pieces. To have a complete saree you must have a dupatta, a skirt and a choli. A spree is a very popular type of women’s clothing in India and is perhaps the most recognisable of the lot. It is also very versatile because it can be draped in many different ways. It’s the drape which will give the saree it’s beauty and style. This outfit is best when worn to a traditional Indian event.